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You are an entrepreneur who designed a unique line of vegan-friendly facial trea

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Marketing homework help | 0 comments

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You are an entrepreneur who designed a unique line of vegan-friendly facial treatment boutiques and bar providing different facial treatments in downtown Vancouver. Your service is the upscale level of service and you have your patented product line available in store. You make personal product offerings and sales within your boutique as well. The ambiance at your boutique is a tropical relaxing scheme and your slogan is: “We bring the tropical scent to your doorstep.” Services are more of fast treatment and walk-in guests are the ones looking for a five to ten-minute relaxation on the way to a business meeting or a business dinner or even during their lunch break hour. Reservations are done for those in need of more in-depth treatment services though. The pandemic caused you to reduce the number of in-store guests from 12 to 6 and you have been forced to cut your team of professional staff to half. The number of reservations was hit by 50% and you have lost over two-thirds of your walk-in guests. 
Study your competitors in the market and try to answer the following questions.
What is the profile of the target market you need to focus on?
What positioning strategies do you seem fit for the post-pandemic era?
To what extent communication will bring back more numbers to your bar? 
Using the concept of the augmented product (Chapter 8) explain how you can improve your services.
What would be the outside-the-box solution for you to expand your market share? 
What CSR acts can help you boost sales?
This is a case study and you need to write a report of 3 to 4 pages and refer to the questions in your report. Please do not address questions separately. Your report should include:
Executive Summary
Problem Identification
Case Analysis
1. MEAL paragraph planning 
2. The First paragraph writes your idea, 
3. The Second paragraph bring reference to support your idea
4. The Third paragraph is about statistics (give data) examples to support your idea in the first paragraph
5. Find academic references in every case (2016-2021)

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