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Task 6 [insert Task 6 to be completed out of class] Read and review WHO handbook

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Task 6
[insert Task 6 to be completed out of class]
Read and review WHO handbook on Healthcare Levels of Interaction 
Levels of Interaction – Practical Example
Study case depicted in the picture of a young Hawaiian boy who does  not take his insulin and manage his diabetes.  Note the different levels  on which health actions/interactions occur. (a larger picture is in the  Important Documents).
Become familiar with different health models.
The Health Belief Model (in Important Documents)
Watch video on 
Theory of Planned Behavior and Theory of Reasoned Action 
Using the example above with  Johnny, the Hawaiian boy.  Select one of the behavioral theories or  models explored and write a short summary (1 page) on how this model  could be potentially used as a framework for helping patients manage  diabetes better.
Lesson 6
Assignment: Analyzing a Community Problem
Discuss what a community problem is, why it should be addressed, how you will collect information about the problem, and how to analyze the problem  in order to prepare to develop a plan of action.  Use the guideline for  analyzing a community problem below, and use this to analyze a problem  in the community you chose for your project.
The problem occurs too frequently (frequency)
The problem has lasted for a while (duration)
The problem affects many people (scope, or range)
The problem is disrupting to personal or community life, and possibly intense (severity)
The problem deprives people of legal or moral rights (equity)
The issue is perceived as a problem (perception)
Write up the analysis and submit to the dropbox.

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