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Select a product/industry and then use the chosen product/industry to do some re

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Select a product/industry and then use the chosen product/industry to do some research. 
1. All the requirements must be covered within the outline.
Within the outline address the following topics:
(a) Identify an industry and explain the product characteristics of goods within the industry that you chose for your final project.   Explain how those product characteristics can impact inventory control decisions in warehouse operations.
(b) Provide a warehouse layout (submitted as an image within the same file as the assignment) and an explanation of the factors that you considered when you chose the layout design for the product (industry) that you chose for your final project.
(c) Identify how the product packaging and handling considerations will influence the distribution process as your chosen product moves throughout the distribution chain. 
(d) Analyze how government regulations might impact the distribution of your chosen product in the domestic and global market. Identify the intermodal freight network that would be utilized for your chosen product. 
(e) Identify the role that logistics providers play regarding transportation planning and execution strategies for your chosen product/industry.
(f) Analyze how impact reverse logistics impacts operations within the supply chain system for your chosen product.  
The final assignment must be 7-10 pages of content. 

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