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Provide a brief summary about the company. (i.e., industry, history, mission, se

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Provide a brief summary about the company. (i.e., industry, history, mission, services provided, how many employees, culture, values, etc.)
Describe the organization’s recruitment strategies (i.e., reference the organization’s strategic plan, recruitment plan, indicate open vs. targeted systems, types of job applicants the organization is looking to attract, what methods of communication do they use for attracting applicants, etc.). Apply course learning. 
Provide an overview of the recruitment and selection related issue within the department/organization. Discuss the impact the issue is having on the department, the employees, and/or the organization. Make reference to the interview. The paper topic should deal with any issue(s) related to Recruitment and Selection. 
Discuss any related employment laws and regulations that are not being followed. Apply course learning.
Page 5 – Discuss a potential solution for the problem. Include a scholarly reference that suggests a potential solution to the problem. Outline steps the organization can take to implement solutions and how they can evaluate if the solutions proposed are successful. Include best practices and legal compliance that contribute to the solutions proposed. 
Page 6 – Conclusion
Provide any concluding thoughts and conclusion summary. If your solution was implemented and evaluation successful what impact would that have on the department, the employees, and/or organization.
Page 7 – References (cite all references using APA style). There should be a minimum of two scholarly citations (at least one from a textbook chapter related to the topic and one from other sources), properly cited using APA format.

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