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Overview:For this final course project, you will create a marketing plan. Please

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Overview:For this final course project, you will create a marketing plan. Please follow the instructions below, and save your completed document in .doc or .docx format. Please be sure to adhere to APA formatting guidelines.*To view the grading rubric for this discussion, click the name of the discussion, then click “Grading Information”Instructions:For your final project in this course, you will prepare a marketing plan for a proposed new product or service.
Choose a Product to work with for this project. You may choose to either:
Select a new product idea from the KickStarter website: Go to and select a project that you would like to work on for this assignment. You can click on the top left on the “Discover” area to search all projects. It is recommended that you choose a project that has at least 10 days left on the campaign.
Come up with your own new product idea to use for this project. This can be an entirely new product idea, or a major enhancement to an existing product that already exists.
The goal of this project is not to give the “right ideas,” but to show your understanding about the concepts covered in this course, and apply them to this new product idea. If using an idea from the KickStarter website, you should not use product name, etc. from the website. We want to see your ideas! Using your creativity, this can be a fun project!
Follow the instructions in the attached assignment to prepare assigned elements of your marketing plan. Note: We are creating a bit of an abbreviated plan, focusing on essential elements related to what we’ve covered in this course. So, this not will exactly match those items listed in Figure 16.2 “Marketing Plan Outline” in your text.

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