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For this assignment, you will create the first draft of your essay. Begin with t

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For this assignment, you will create the first draft of your essay. Begin with the outline, introduction, and first body paragraphs that you previously developed, then add the remaining three body paragraphs and the conclusion. Make sure to apply the feedback you received on all previous assignments. 
To earn full credit, the following components must be present:
An introduction with a thesis statement
At least four body paragraphs with topic sentences
Smooth transitions between paragraphs
A conclusion paragraph
A reference page with a minimum of five outside sources
In-text citations for the sources cited on the reference page
Below are a few tips to consider as you draft your essay:
Your paper should be making an argument rather than simply stating facts.
Each paragraph should further the argument and directly relate to your thesis statement.
Your argument should be founded on logical thinking and solid evidence, not on anecdotal evidence, hearsay, or personal beliefs.
Do not write in first or second person (avoid the use of pronouns such as I, me, mine, we, us, ours, you, yours, etc.).
Your outline should be a starting point, but you may find you need to make some adjustments as well.

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