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Discussion 5: Candidates will be able implement tools and supports for learning

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Education homework help | 0 comments

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Discussion 5: Candidates will be able implement tools and supports for learning of students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms.
Directions: Please answer the following questions. You can use bullets to summarize you responses. Also respond to one post that your peer has shared.
What are the key points of the material that you explored?
What was new to you and how did it change the way you perceive addressing the educational needs of your students?
Give at least one specific example of an experience in your personal or professional life that is related to the readings/videos.
Fish in a Tree: Ch. 25-33


Caring and Control Create a Safe, Positive Classroom
Classroom culture and procedures are used to maximize student engagement. (Time: 14:05)
Challenging Behavior in Young Children
A number of experts talk about positive ways to deal with preschoolers who present non-compliant behaviors. (Time: 5:24)
Classroom Management During Centers
A teacher demonstrates using structure and specific instruction to manage transitions. (Time: 13:51)
How To Teach Math as a Social Activity
An elementary teacher demonstrates the use of cooperative learning to teach math. (Time: 8:55)
Implementing Peer-Assisted Learning: An Interview with Margarita Calderon
Dr. Calderon defines the various types of peer-assisted learning, describes the benefits for English learners, and shares practical tips for instruction. (Time: 14:38)
Looking Beyond High-Yield Strategies
Dr. Robert Marzano discusses high-yield strategies and how to meet the needs of students who do not respond to them. (Time: 3:08)
Jigsaws: A Strategy for Understanding Texts
Teachers employ a jigsaw strategy to help students understand text through different lenses. (Time: 1:55)
Math Homework Review: Peer Teaching
Strategically paired students help each other with homework review. (Time: 1:28)
Team Teaching: How To Improve Each Other’s Game
Teachers team up to improve student achievement. (Time: 4:12)
The Wraparound Learning Experience
Teachers use wraparound activities to bring reading to life for students. (Time: 26:55)
Family Professional Partnerships Video 4.1: The Teacher’s Viewpoint
A teacher shares some thoughts about a student’s behavior issues and her uncertainty about how best to communicate her concerns to the child’s father. (Time: 2:12)
Five Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning
The classroom practices that make up the most effective social and emotional learning programs are overviewed. (Time: 6:03)

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