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Prompt: This will be a persuasive speech, specifically, a claim of policy speech

by | Nov 19, 2021 | English homework help | 0 comments

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Prompt: This will be a persuasive speech, specifically, a claim of policy speech. Topics must be approved. You must include and opposing viewpoint and refute it. This assignment is worth 200 points. This is a 6-8 minute speech.
Assignment Criteria:
– Speech Outline
You will submit a typed, 12-point Times New Roman font, presentation key word phrase  outline along with  your speech. A sample outline is posted below for you to follow. Your outline should include in-text citations throughout and a complete reference list at the end in correct APA or MLA format depending on which format you chose to use. Failure to turn in an outline will reflect negatively on your total speech grade. I will be happy to review your outline with you before your assigned speaking day.
– Supporting Materials:
You will use a minimum of 5 credible sources in this speech. Wikipedia is NOT a credible source! You may use books, scholarly journals, valid Internet sources (.gov, .edu, major news publications, etc) . Make sure that you evaluate your sources for credibility. If you use sources with poor credibility your grade will be impacted negatively. 
YOU MUST ALSO CITE YOUR SOURCES ORALLY! This means your audience needs to hear you address your sources during your speech. Phrases such as, “studies show” or “according to research” are not valid ways to cite sources. Be specific. Tell us who the authors are, the date your source was published, the name of the publication or media, etc. and if applicable, what their credentials are. If there is no author, you use the article title but you must state all three of these things.
You may strucure this however you’d like, just be sure to include an opposing view and refutation. Please refer to persuasive  outline structures from lecture to help you as well, i.e. problem-solution pattern, comparative advantage, Monroe’s motivated sequence.
-Visual aid (optional):
You must have a visual aid for this speech. You can use something physical, like an object, or you print out something out from the internet, like a graph, or you can utilize your laptop, TV, phone, etc, to display the visual, just make sure we can see it clearly. Your visual aid is meant to enhance your content, not supplement it. Make sure you explain your visual aid in detail.
Delivery & Content Requirements
strong hook
relevant connection to the audience
a clearly stated thesis with all main points previewed
Organization and Structure:
speech main points follow the order of the thesis preview
all main points are relatively balanced and equal in length
main points do not overlap
main points are presented in a logical order
transitions are clear, explicit, and easy to follow
majority of the speech is extemporaneous
eye contact is made with audience or the camera majority of the time
no distracting movements
gestures are used naturally and purposefully
tone matches the speech topic
vocal variety is used and the speech sounds conversational
volume is appropriate
limited use of vocalized pauses
argument is clearly stated in the thesis
argumentative claims are backed by logical reasoning and supporting evidence from credible sources
ethos, pathos, and logos are used effectively
the opposing view is addressed in detail and backed by and outside credible source
the refutation directly addresses the opposing view with backing evidence from an outside credible source
Visual Aid:
visual aid is explicitly pointed out
visual aid is explained in detail
enhances the speech content
all main points are summarized
strong final thought / call to action
Oral Citations:
all sources are cited completely per the guidelines above under “supporting material”

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