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half page and 1 reference each question Q1 Healthcare  analytics  provides healt

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Biology homework help | 0 comments

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half page and 1 reference each question
Healthcare  analytics  provides healthcare leaders and QI teams with measurable outcomes; however, this data often begins as raw material. This information is referred to as raw material because it hasn’t been converted into useful data. Data in HCOs is collected during the normal flow of work performed by clinical staff and administration as they chart in EMR. After the data has been collected it must be analyzed. According to Strome, (2013) the intent of this information helps to trigger action, the fourth step in the value chain.
Action refers to the changes that are implemented by healthcare leaders to improve outcomes. Lastly, the outcomes should reflect the improvement measures made by  healthcare leaders and QI teams. During the analysis process, it’s important to name the strengths of the team/department, the weaknesses, and the opportunities. By being able to find the weaknesses in a process, it creates an opportunity  for positive change. A good analysis includes any threats that might jeopardize a current process or new plan.
To bring about QI in healthcare the effectiveness of workflow processes must be measured, and these measurements must be good representations of the processes and the outcomes. According to Strome, (2013) indicators are metrics used for driving decisions. Indicators should have context assigned to them such as good or bad, targets that need to be met, and whether performance is close to meeting the target. Targets can be key performance indicators (KPIs) the organization is trying to meet. Indicators can help an organization stay focused on issues that  matter the most at a given time. Indicators should be specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound (Strome, 2013).
As an administrator,  I would make sure that the information represented to managers is relevant and can help them improve their departments. I would also share relevant information with frontline workers. Data relevant to frontline workers is data that is representative of their work and their performance. This includes data such as nosocomial infections, medication errors, charting errors, and wasted steps that must be taken to perform a task. Clinicians can be extremely innovative when they are asked to help solve errors made during the processes they perform daily and are the greatest resource of any HCO.   
Data analytics examines raw data sets to find the challenges and problems in the diagnosis and treatment of patients and the solutions for improvements. Health care data has a massive amount of information gathered from medical records, medical examinations, and different software. However, these data seem to be overwhelmed. According to Strome (2013), data gathered from the different systems is just like raw material, and it must be processed to become functional. Therefore, the data analysis is critical because it transforms the data into a helpful format. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, analysis of health data allowed for a better understanding of how to respond and treat patients.
Similarly, in a vast data of patients, what type of pieces of information is needed for improvements to patients’ care, more accurate diagnosis, and more specialized treatment (Dash et al., 2019). That means, for correct decision-making, specific information from data is essential. Overall, better outcomes not only depend on data and analysis but also rely on information and action.
Some essential indicators are considered to improve quality and performance, such as medical equipment utilization, procedures waiting time, and average hospital stay. Modern health care measures the quality by utilizing advanced equipment such as Quality equipment helps improve the general health care system by providing quality services. Moreover, the long waiting time for treatment and procedures is the biggest issue in all health care systems. I think, through health care data analytics, it looks possible to evaluate the main problem and solve it through staffing and scheduling for patient satisfaction.
Furthermore, indicators directly impact the outcomes of health care systems. Indicators are deeply associated with structure, process, and outcomes. For instance, structure means how much a healthcare setup is concerned with modern equipment, upgraded software, and effective policies. According to my observation, the indicator should be well defined, specific, and reliable for the betterment of systems. 
Regulatory compliance in health care is highly component. Organizations are permanently attached to laws, guidelines, and specifications. It is the ongoing process of meeting and exceeding the ethical and professional standards applicable to the health care systems. It requires health care organizations to develop effective processes, policies, and procedures to define the appropriate conduct, train the organization’s staff and monitor policies and procedures. When I started my first study based on critical care patients, I submitted my study objective and research proposal to the ethical committee for ethical approval; we waited five months. During this period, I presented my abstract in front of audit teams, government health members, and ethical research members for approval of my study.

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