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Classroom Management Plan Introduction  This assignment will give you the opport

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Education homework help | 0 comments

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Classroom Management Plan Introduction 
This assignment will give you the opportunity to evaluate classroom management reward system plans and create your own planThe Assignment1. On page 199, read Examples 9.1-9.4  Choose 2 of the examples and answer the following questions for each example:
1. What teacher roles are encouraged? (10 points)
2. What student roles are encouraged? (10 points)
3. Is the system cooperative or competitive? Why? (5 points)
4. What kind of classroom environment is this likely to foster? (10 points)
5. For each example you selected, discuss how you would make changes to improve the plan if needed. (5 points)
After completing the assignment above, you will create your own reward system for the classroom. Be sure to include the following:
1. A thorough explanation of how the rewards system will work. What is your role? and What is the student’s role? (40 points)
2. Include all procedures and materials needed (20 points)
Grading Criteria
What do teachers owe their students? Teachers owe passion to their students—a passion for the subjects they teach, their instruction, and a desire to help students succeed.
What is your overall goal as a teacher? The overall goal for a teacher is multifaceted: to make learning fun and inspire students to find a love of learning; to create an organized classroom; to ensure that expectations are clear and grading is fair, and to incorporate the best available teaching strategies. 
How do you create an inclusive learning environment? Students come from a variety of socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds and can vary greatly in cognitive ability and learning styles. A teacher needs to strive to incorporate instructional methods that consider all of the varied backgrounds and learning abilities of students.
Spelling and Grammar (10 points) Other point values are noted above. Each question from the two chosen examples must be answered thoroughly in complete sentences. Your classroom rewards system should be at least 4-5 well written paragraphs. Paragraphs should be 4-5 sentences.  

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