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The Team Consultancy Project is the team project for this course.  Your team wil

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The Team Consultancy Project is the team project for this course.  Your team will play the role of management consultant.  Your team is to conduct an analysis of a real organization (student-run groups on campus are not permitted for this project).  You may select an organization in which one or more of the team members has worked, you know a direct contact in a particular organization or there is significant depth that can be found on this organization through research.  Once an organization has been identified, your team will select one issue or challenge experienced by this organization that relates to our study in this course; a topic that interests you and is relevant to the organization you are working with i.e. organizational culture, diversity, leadership, decision making etc.  Your team’s role is to analyze the issue and propose an action plan that solves the organization’s issue/problem.  It is important that your project be issue-oriented and analytical and not merely descriptive.  The purpose of the project is to give your team an opportunity to apply what has been learned in the course, along with your independent research, to the organization of your team’s choice.
To meet these broad goals, your team should answer the following question in the assignments detailed below:
What are the issues or problems facing the organization?
What course theoretical concepts can be applied to understand why this problem is occurring?
What recommendations can you offer to help improve the organization’s functionality?
Each team will be responsible for conducting a presentation to the class regarding your team’s solution for your organization’s challenge.  Your team should assume you are presenting to your focal organization’s newly appointed Board of Directors who only have surface knowledge of the organization’s internal operations.  Feel free to distribute any printed material that will assist with the presentation.  Each team member is required to present a portion of the overall presentation and your presentation should be between 10-15 minutes in duration with an additional 5-10 minutes allowed for Q&A.  Presentation skills are important in the workplace and this presentation provides a safe and supportive environment for you to practice your skills.  More information on the format of the presentation will follow leading up to the presentation.
Presentation Grading:
The team presentation grade will be assigned based on the following criteria:
Objectives of presentation: Includes a concise statement of purpose of the presentation; outlines the strategic recommendations that will be made based on the analysis
The general environment of the case is summarized highlighting less obvious observations
Arguments are well-supported with specific evidence
Concepts from class are used appropriately to sharpen the analysis
Each recommendation flows logically from arguments presented in the analysis section
Analysis includes a discussion of benefits AND barriers to alternative recommendations
Notes final recommendations with specific action steps and timeline
Includes any assumed cost projections as a result of the recommendations made
Overall style:
The presentation is professional and utilizes proper punctuation, grammar and spelling
Transitions are smooth and presentation flows logically
A peer evaluation is included with this project. Each team member will evaluate all other team member’s performance for this project.

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