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Save each chapter 5 and 6 questions separately in a word document Chapter 5 1. L

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Save each chapter 5 and 6 questions separately in a word document
Chapter 5
1. List three characteristics skilled professionals must display when facing difficult
customer situations.
2. What is empathy?
3. What are four preparatory steps you can take prior to each customer interaction in
order to get focused?
4. Why is it important to let an angry customer vent?
5. How do customers want their incidents and complaints to be handled?
6. What do you need to do if you are a predominantly left-brained service provider?
7. What do you need to do if you are a predominantly right-brained service provider??
8. List four techniques a person can use to stay calm when facing a difficult situation.
9. What physical benefits do you derive from taking a deep breath when under
10. What is positive imagery?
Chapter 6
1. Define the term root cause.
2. Explain the relationship that exists between processes and procedures.
3. A(n) __________ is a sign or an indication that an incident has occurred.
4. List two types of data you must gather before you can begin diagnosing an incident.
5. What are two ways that a short incident description is used?
6. List three benefits that are derived by asking questions.
7. Why is incident management referred to as a “closed loop process”?
8. When can incident notification occur?
9. What are the goals of customer notification?
10. What does an Ishikawa diagram display?

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