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Module 02 Content For this part of your project, you will refer to the Risk Regi

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Module 02 Content
For this part of your project, you will refer to the Risk Register submitted in Module 01 to provide a Summary Report to executive management using this Summary Report. For your summary report, you will include a Purpose, Executive Summary, Detailed Summary, Recommendations and Suggested Actions.
Summary Report
The Detailed Summary of your report should address the following objectives in depth:
Detail the list of operational risks for each business unit (Refer to the Organizational Chart provided and the Risk Register you filled out in Module 1).
Describe the operational risks.
Describe the possible outcomes.
In addition, be sure to address the following in the Recommendations:
Provide a recommendation for the creation of a risk assessment team (i.e. security analysts, CIO, HR, Finance etc.)
Your summary report should be in narrative form, using full sentences and proper grammar, spelling etc. and incorporate any feedback received from your previous submissions.
Note: Make sure to refer to your Risk Management Plan and work on the relevant areas. This is a good week to address the Risk Identification section in your Risk Management Plan.
Risk Monitoring Plan
Submit your completed assignments by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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