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Instructions Requirements for your research paper: Microsoft Word document Title

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Psychology homework help | 0 comments

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Requirements for your research paper:
Microsoft Word document
Title page and reference page (an abstract is NOT required)
3 – 4 pages of content (excluding the title page and reference page)
Current APA format for all elements within the paper:
12-point, Times New Roman font 
Thoughtful discussion of prompt provided with references included 
References to: 
3 peer-reviewed, empirical research articles published within the last 20 years
These must be journal articles and cannot include books, blogs, or websites
It is recommended that students go through the HBU Library website to search for articles so they will have access to full versions of the resources
Remember, you may only cite what you reference and you must reference what you cite
This assignment utilizes the SafeAssign originality tool. Upon submission, SafeAssign will generate an originality report that detects plagiarism. This report will be sent to your instructor.
Since it’s early beginnings as a desert oasis for California-bound travelers, Las Vegas has experienced exponential growth as a haven for entertainment. The primary factor in this unabated growth has been the gambling industry. Every year, Las Vegas casinos take in billions of dollars from people engaged in various forms of gambling (poker, roulette, legal sports betting, etc.). Most individuals will tell you that they know they are unlikely to win anything when gambling and yet will continue to do so. In fact, thousands of sensible people flock to Las Vegas every year with the meager hope of a long-shot win while gambling. For this paper, examine empirical research on gambling and answer the simple question: ‘Why do we gamble?’ Additionally, explore the concept that we do not seem to learn from our losses in gambling. When faced with continued losses in most endeavors, we would choose to quit. However, gambling is very different in this sense. Your paper can discuss gambling addiction to some degree, but please focus on persistent (non-problematic) gambling as an indication that we learn differently with this task.

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