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For this assignment, you will submit an informal progress report to the D2L drop

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For this assignment, you will submit an informal progress report to the D2L dropbox: Assignment 3 Progress Report.  In this report, you will apprise me of the progress you are making on your final report. While progress reports tend to be shorter than most other types of reports, the information contained in them must be of the highest quality and detail. Likewise, the visual presentation plays a significant role in communicating project confidence and capability to the reader. Considering that most impressions are made within the first four to six seconds of contact, make sure the reader’s first engagement with the report is an impressive one.
Purpose of a progress report:
To convince the audience that you have made adequate progress on your feasibility report.
To account for the time and effort you’ve have put into your feasibility report.
To instill confidence in the reader that your research is proceeding well and you will complete your project on time.
Introduction: Reader-center, containing both purpose and preview statements; may introduce project title and topic.
Background (Scope and Purpose): Presents purpose of the formal recommendation report; modifies problem statement to remind reader of project’s subject and key research issues; may include statement about evaluative criteria or other guiding principles.
Research completed: Detailed account of the research completed to date; states the tasks, sources, information gathered, and relevance of data to project.  May explain any snafus, dilemmas, or setbacks.
Research in Progress: Detailed account of current research and any problems or difficulties encountered; explains how past and present problems have been solved and/or are being managed.
Future Research and Schedule Estimation (Remaining Work): Account of work remaining on the project; marks progress in accordance with or departing from schedule; explains any changes in original schedule.  (May be combined with Research in Progress).
Conclusion: Reader-centered; provides summary, purpose reminder, and follow-up statement; assures reader that project will be completed on schedule (or not).
Your report should conform to standard business netiquette. In other words, even though you are submitting this report electronically, you still need to employ proper grammar and correct spelling.

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