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Final paper:   You will provide a general summary of what you consider to be the

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Final paper:   You will provide a general summary of what you consider to be the most important issues around your topic.  The main content of the paper will discuss the effectiveness of international governance in dealing with the issue and discuss the institutional capacities needed to deal with the issue in the future. You can draw on the content of the 3 briefing papers where appropriate. (Minimum 1500 words, minimum 12 sources) (14 points)
Thus the final paper will include:
• A brief description of the issue and the parts of the world affected by the issue;
• A discussion of how effective the international treaties, laws and norms are;
• A discussion of how effective the main international Intergovernmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations are in addressing the issue, 
• A discussion of the institutional capacities and resources necessary to deal with the issue in the future.
The final paper will use a minimum of 12 sources
B. Additional guidance
You should reuse sources from your previous papers.  However you will need to identify some additional sources that help you evaluate how well the international community is tackling the problem.
Copying and pasting parts of your previous papers maybe a good way to start some parts of this paper.  However editing will be required to make sure that it meets the requirements of this paper and flows well
Subject line
There should be a subject line that clearly indicates the topic and what is being covered in the paper.
The introduction should introduce the paper. It should contain: 
• The subject of the paper;
• Your thesis or theme i.e. what you are saying about your topic;
• How the paper is organized; and
• Your main conclusions.
Conclusions should be derived from the body of the paper.  No new material should be introduced in the conclusion.
While conclusions can contain personal opinion they must be backed up by the information provided in the body of the paper.
D.  Marking scheme
Content (40 pts)
Includes: Content and Responsiveness to question (30 pts) and Key Terms and Concepts (10 pts); 
Organization and Argument (25 pts)
References/sources/APA compliance (15 pts)
Language (20 pts)
Includes: Vocabulary, Sentence and Paragraph Structure (10 pts); Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (10 pts).
Writing assignments 
All assignments should be single-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, one inch margins.
The papers must include in text citations and a reference page showing all sources used. Citations and references should be in accordance with APA guidelines which will be posted on blackboard.  Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.
All written assignments must be submitted through  It is the student’s responsibility to create their account in Turnitin and register for the course.  Course ID and password will be posted on blackboard. 
Points will be deducted for non-compliance with any of the above

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