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Entrepreneurial Review:  One thing that successful entrepreneurs do is to listen

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Management homework help | 0 comments

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Entrepreneurial Review:  One thing that successful entrepreneurs do is to listen to and gain wisdom from other successful entrepreneurs.  There are numerous articles, Ted Talks and podcasts about successful entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship student should be in the habit of reading, watching and listening to so they can learn from their successes as well as their failures and misses.  For this assignment, your professor will post a list of entrepreneurs and you will select an entrepreneur interview that appears on Guy Raz’s How I Built This Podcast on NPR.  Go to the list BY OCTOBETR 29TH and sign up for ONLY ONE entrepreneur that interests you and that is not already taken by a classmate (in other words, first come first serve). 
After selecting your entrepreneur from the list provided, students are to listen to the Guy Raz interview with your assigned entrepreneur  (NOT THE RESILIENCE INTERVIEWS- just the regular ones) in its entirety (approximately 25-40 minutes in length) ( to an external site.)  (search for the entrepreneur’s name in the search bar) and then write several paragraphs (double spaced) (approximately 2-4 pages) description of the entrepreneur and his/her business.  The “review” should include: (1) the name of the entrepreneur; (2) the name of the featured business; (3) a description of the business (what it does or sells) and the team (if any);  (4) any prior entrepreneurial or subsequent entrepreneurial experiences and the success or failure of them; (5) the inspiration for the business or businesses; (6) any information about the startup funds received by the entrepreneur; (7) any wisdom or advice that the entrepreneur offers; and (8) your overall impressions of the entrepreneur and the business that he or she built; (9) a little more information about the entrepreneur and the business – you should do additional research about the entrepreneur and his/her business online – take a look at INC, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, etc. online. The paper should include two additional sources cited appropriately using APA style; and, (10) include a bibliography page using APA Style

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