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Question 1 Market research becomes unnecessary when managers are: aware of the c

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Marketing homework help | 0 comments

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Question 1
Market research becomes unnecessary when managers are:
aware of the causes of a problem at hand.
uncertain about consequences of decision alternatives.
certain about the consequences of decision alternatives.
certain about the symptoms of a problem at hand.
Question 2
Which of the following would serve as a good decision rule for managers in establishing the need for marketing research
Ensuring that one’s competitors are conducting market researches
Determining the value that can be derived from marketing research conducted by competitors
Determining the costs incurred by other companies in conducting marketing research
Comparing the value of the marketing research to the cost
Question 3
Jeff is the president of a bank. He wants to find out the satisfaction level of his customers in Dallas on certain dimensions such as friendliness of employees, convenience of location, and availability of loans. Jeff needs to conduct:
exploratory research.
descriptive research.
causal research.
prescriptive research.
Question 4
If we were measuring age, income, height, number of bottles purchased, and so on, we would be measuring:
objective properties.
subjective properties.
objective objects.
subjective objects.
Question 5
Screening questions are used to:
increase reliability by screening out respondents with inconsistent answers.
shield the true purpose of a question from a respondent.
determine whether or not a potential respondent qualifies to take part in a survey based on certain selection criteria the researcher has deemed essential.
increase response rates by screening out unlikely respondents.
Question 6
Probability samples are those for which the members of the population:
can be found for survey purposes.
all have a chance of being included in the sample.
have an unknown chance of being included in the sample.
whose responses may be predetermined with some known probability.
Question 7
In sample size formulas, the symbol “e” stands for:
estimated parameter or desired confidence level.
acceptable population equation.
estimated statistic or desired variability.
acceptable sample error.
Question 8
If you were conducting a telephone survey of households using random digit dialing numbers and you determined that you needed a sample size of 1,100, which of the following would be most accurate?
You would need to obtain exactly 1,100 telephone numbers to call.
You would need to obtain far less than 1,100 telephone numbers because you know that many will not answer or cooperate anyway.
You will need some multiple of the 1,100 numbers in order to ensure you account for factors such as numbers that are for business phones, ineligible households (incidence rate), and those numbers dialed whose owners refuse to participate.
You will need only a few extra numbers to allow for those who have moved away.
Question 9
_________ is a form of logic in which you make a general statement about an entire class based on what you have observed about a small set of members of that class.
Question 10
A relationship in which the presence (or absence) of one variable is systematically associated with the presence (or absence) of another is:
causal relationship.
linear relationship.
monotonic relationship.
nonmonotonic relationship.

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