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Instructions After exploring the NAEYC accreditation standards, take some time t

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Education homework help | 0 comments

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After exploring the NAEYC accreditation standards, take some time to think about the standards. Analyze the standards for yourself. What do you think about the standards? What development or learning theories come to mind? Which two standards resonate with you? Why? (e.g., personal student or teacher experience; issues with parents or siblings; you strongly agree or disagree; it is especially new or for some reason, new insights emerge; it aligns with your beliefs; it taps into your strengths as a parent or an educator).
Be sure to read the materials for the week and explore other associated information that you might find independently. These resources should help you think about and understand three key areas in relationship to the NAEYC accreditation standards.
The value and importance of implementing the standards in teaching and the implications for high-quality education.
The importance of the formal and informal classroom context.
The relevance of culturally aware pedagogy.
As an NCU student, you should be familiar with the NCU Commons platform. There is a Community of Practice (CoP) for ESL/Early Childhood Education in the NCU Commons. If you are not part of the group already, then you will need to join (It’s free, fun, and informative). To join:
Click on The Commons
Click My Groups and select Discover Groups
Search for CoP ESL/Early Childhood Ed-SOE
Follow the prompts
Browse around and see what people are saying. This will help you know how to engage the group with you post
Select two of the 10 accreditation standards to be the focus of your discussion post. Your post should be thoughtful, cohesive, and scholarly in addressing each of the following:
Your general perspective about the 10 accreditation standards as a resource to guide your instruction and classroom practices.
Clearly, state the two accreditation standards that resonate with you.
Clearly articulate and defend your rationale for selecting these two standards in relation to the importance of context and culture.
End your post by prompting the group to respond to a salient question related to the accreditation standards that you selected in a relationship their experiences. Your question or prompt should be engaging and specific.
Length: 2 paragraphs; one for each accreditation standard
References: 3 total references; 1 must be NAEYC and 2 additional scholarly references that correspond with each of your selected standards

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