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Fluid and Electrolyte Concept Outline Instructions: Utilize the following case s

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Education homework help | 0 comments

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Fluid and Electrolyte Concept Outline
Utilize the following case study to develop your outline. The outline concepts have been defined for you.  Submitting an outline that is not original work is not acceptable.   
Your outline of the case should begin with a description/impression of your patient and what the likely diagnosis is based on the case study. (Review the example)  Identify and list your patient’s history, and his/her likely symptomatology.  This should then be linked into the detailed pathophysiology of the diagnosis (the majority of your outline) and conclude with a detailed pharmacology and treatment plan.
Please post your scholarly outline with at least one to two references in APA format.  Sources should be less than 5 years old (Max 7 years).  Your text can be one reference.
Case Study
Jean McGrath is a 54-year-old female patient admitted to the floor unit with a diagnosis of Small bowel obstruction.   She has a history of multiple bowel surgeries for colitis and history of SBO.  She began  feeling un-well 5 days ago, with nausea and vomiting.   She has been unable to tolerate any po intake.   CT revealed SBO and an NG tube was placed in the ED. She arrives on the unit complaining of muscle weakness and leg cramps. She has occasional PVCs noted on the cardiac monitor. 
PMH: Chrohn Disease, GERD, Depression  
Vital Signs:   Temp 99.4, HR 125 RR 20 BP 105/61 O2 Sat 94%ra
• Sodium (NA+) 141
• Potassium (K+) 2.8
• Chloride 99
• Magnesium 1.9
• Calcium 9.1. 
• BUN 45
• Creatinine 1.8
Concept Outline
Based on the case study what is the likely medical diagnosis, what information in the case study supports this?
Patients history
Signs and Symptoms: Which of the symptoms led you to your diagnosis? What are other the signs and symptoms?
Detailed pathophysiology of the diagnosis to include cause, risk factors, and diagnostic interventions
Include both nursing and medical interventions.
Treatment Plan
Include pharmacological agents, surgical and medical interventions.  
APA format

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