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Discussion ●     Discuss and explain the concept of Key Performance Indicators (

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●     Discuss and explain the concept of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in the    context of performance management.
●     Explain the main data mining methods. What are the fundamental differences among them? (APA Format)
Using your textbook, LIRN, other researchable databases, and the Internet, develop an APA formatted paper. Your paper must include in-text citations, references, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, and written from the perspective of a researcher. Your analysis should take on a 3-paragraph format; Define, explain in detail, then present an actual example via research. Your paper must provide in-depth analysis of all the topics presented:
●  Understand the nature of data as it relates to business intelligence (BI) and analytics 
●  Learn the methods used to make real-world data analytics ready 
●  Describe statistical modeling and its relationship to business analytics 
●  Learn about descriptive and inferential statistics 
●  Define business reporting, and understand its historical evolution 
●  Understand the importance of data/information visualization 
●  Learn different types of visualization techniques 
●  Appreciate the value that visual analytics brings to business analytics 
●  Know the capabilities and limitations of dashboards
●  Understand the basic definitions and concepts of data warehousing 
●  Understand data warehousing architectures 
●  Describe the processes used in developing and managing data warehouses 
●  Explain data warehousing operations 
●  Explain the role of data warehouses in decision support 
●  Explain data integration and the extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) processes 
●  Understand the essence of business performance management (BPM.) 
●  Learn balanced scorecard and Six Sigma as performance measurement systems

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