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Create a “professional” resume that you will use for interviews, and all instanc

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Create a “professional” resume that you will use for interviews, and all instances related to your full-time job search. Your e-portfolio (no other forms of portfolios are accepted) will include at minimum four components: 
It will include a Home page – it is a visually appealing intro to your e-Portfolio (your goal/mission/personal one-sentence statement can be included on this page)
It will include the About Me page – it is a personal narrative (350-500 words) that is geared toward your target audience and that synthesizes all of your experiences and that envisions how you will build on these experiences in the future. You also may include your 30-sec video introduction.
This is the page where you introduce yourself to your reader. In other words, it is your chance to make a great first impression! When you write about yourself, keep in mind your target audience, and try to anticipate what they will find most engaging. This is also a place to give a reader a bigger picture of you, and include a sentence or two of who you are as a person beyond school/work. 
It will include your Resume
Note: Be cognizant of what information you are putting out into the world. You may want to remove your personal contact details or other sensitive information from your resume if you are making your e-Portfolio public. Also, do not copy and paste your resume. Rather attach a PDF file. 
This is also the page where you should add a link to your web interview (this will allow a potential employer to get to know you before they contact you and be a step ahead of other candidates).
It will include at least three Areas of Focus (those should be three different pages named accordingly to the information that is covered in each) that include artifacts demonstrating your skills, knowledge, and qualifications and that provide written reflections explaining the significance of these artifacts. Examples of the three areas of focus may be
short descriptions of your learning (choose a few courses to showcase, let your audience why these courses are important to your future career, and attach a few examples of work to demonstrate your knowledge and skills).
your awards/recommendation letters (if applicable). If presenting an award, describe the purpose of these awards and why/how you were chosen.
your beyond the classwork involvement (volunteering). If you completed an extra credit opportunity for this course, include it in your e-Portfolio.
Other Area of Focus can be Study Abroad and Internships, Leadership, Research (note this is not your research paper for a course; rather it is an ongoing project with a mentor who can be your professor or supervisor at work; include if there were any presentations or publications of that research). 
Note: Each page should contain enough information for the reader to learn something about you. A copy of the award may not tell much, but a copy of the award with a paragraph-length description of why you got the award adds to your brand. To better understand how to create a great page, see the following examples. 

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