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Case      Summary: In a brief succinct manner, summarize the case’s key issues.

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Case      Summary:
In a brief succinct manner, summarize the case’s key issues. Identify only the most critical issues that someone not familiar with the parties involved would be able to have a basic idea of what the case was about.
Problem      / Opportunity Identification: 
Part of your analysis is to define the problem or problems (often there are multiple, interacting problems). Look to any case guide line questions (if provided) for some conceptual direction, but do not seek merely to address these provided questions.
· Define the major problem or problems (not the symptoms in the case). Symptoms are the results of problems, not the problems.
· Problems cause symptoms (e.g., stress causes the symptom of high blood pressure).
· Often, the symptoms are directly described in the case, whereas the problem(s) usually are not.
· If necessary, indicate how the problems are related to one another.
Conclusions      and Comments:
This section is for any final thoughts that you have on points you have already discussed. Do not bring up any new issues here. 

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