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Your book proposes a business process management (BPM) model that consists of 10

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Your book proposes a business process management (BPM) model that consists of 10 phases. As you learn about each of these phases, you will be applying the concepts to a specific business process. You will select the process you will use in this assignment.
You will prepare the foundation for your project by identifying a real-world organization that would benefit from applying the business process management (BPM) model in the workplace. You may select the organization where you currently work OR where you previously worked. If possible, you should strive to choose an organization and process that you have knowledge about. If you select an organization that you do not have direct contact with, be sure you can gather sufficient information (via the library, the Internet, or by interview) about the organization and its operations.
It is important to select a process that will provide a good basis for applying the various phases that you will be learning. As you learn further topics and complete subsequent assignments, you will use this process to answer questions such as:
What are the strategies/goals of your company and how does your selected process support/fit them?
Who are the stakeholders in the process, what are their expectations, and what are the goals of the process?
What are some specific metrics for measuring the performance of your process now and later? What are some quick wins for your project?
What are the risks for your project, ways to mitigate them, and the best leader type for this project?
What is the best implementation strategy for your process, pilots, and contingency plans for your project?
In order to be able to answer these questions, you will need to select a business process that has strategic significance in the organization, involves multiple people, and has sufficient complexity to require measurement and planning. If you pick a process that is too limited, not strategic, or too vague, you will not be able to analyze these elements later on.
To gain a better understanding of what is coming up, carefully read the 2-1/2-page summary of the 10 phases that starts on p. 106 in your textbook. This will give you an idea of what type of questions you will be asking about the process you select.
Instructions for Assignment 1
For this assignment, compose a paper that includes the following components (use the subheadings below):
Part 1: Information about the Organization You Selected
Identify and provide details regarding the organization for which you will be presenting information about the BPM model.
Basic information: Company name, location, size, and primary business area (What does the business do?). Also, describe what connection you have to the organization, if any. If not, explain how you will gather information about their operations.
Implementation strategy: Use the model by Treacy and Wiersma in Chapter 13 and identify which one of the three strategic options fits the company’s approach the best; explain how and why.
Part 2: Information about the Process You Selected
Describe the specific business process that you have selected to analyze in your assignments.
Clearly state:
The objective of the process.
The scope: Where the process begins and ends.
A brief description of those involved.
Explain each item:
Significance: Does this process have some strategic significance or a significant impact on the operations of the organization? Would company executives care about changes to the process? Explain your answers.
Scope: Does this process have various stakeholders, in addition to multiple people involved in its execution? List both the stakeholders and the various people involved in carrying out the process.
Clarity: Is it possible to identify and list the steps in this process, from beginning to end? Briefly list at least five steps, including who executes them.
Outcomes: Are there specific goals and deliverables associated with this process that can be listed and measured? Describe at least two.
In order to ensure the process you select is rich enough to support this project, your answer to the items in the preceding checklist must be “yes.” If you find that you cannot answer the questions above, you will need to pick another process. Otherwise you will have difficulty with subsequent assignments.
Part 3: Strategic Justification
Why should the company undertake a BPM project on this process? (What are some triggers based on Table 4.1?)
How can this business or organization benefit from a BPM effort?
Part 4: Alignment of the Process to the Company Strategy
Based on the concepts in Chapter 13, assess the following elements:
How well does the process you selected support strategic choice (based on #1–2 above)? Your analysis should be specific to the selected business process and not a general discussion of the business.
Where in Table 13.7 would this process fall with respect to the BPM activity and approach? Explain.

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