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With social networking technology, such as Skype, Text, Facebook, Instagram, Lin

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Management homework help | 0 comments

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With social networking technology, such as Skype, Text, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. workers can communicate with people around the globe in a second, but do they really communicate?
What are some of issues? How does the technology help/facilitate, or hinder effective communication?
Keith Ferrazzi, correlates the AA program for change to business change management. Ferrazzi (2014) said that “Organizations can’t change their culture unless individual employees change their behavior — and changing behavior is hard. Many change programs focus on providing strategies, technologies, and training.” (p.24). Ferrazzi, K. (2014). Managing change, one day at a time. (Links to an external site.) Harvard Business Review, 92(7/8), 23-25
In an ever changing environment the authors, Margin Reeves and Mike Deimler, argue that the company that is most agile will be the one who has the competitive edge in business. The authors review four types of organizational capabilities that companies should embrace if they want to be at the top. Reeves, M., & Deimler, M. (2011). Adaptability: The new competitive advantage (Links to an external site.). Harvard Business Review, 89(7/8), 134-141.
Leadership in the changing workforce. Forbes Human Resource Council. (2017, June 6). Changing workplaces call for a new type of leader. Forbes. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)
What are some challenges of the modern business leader? Manciagli, D. (2016, April 13). 4 biggest challenges facing business leaders today. The Business Journals. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)
Pros and cons of technology and communication. Leonard, K. (2018, June 28). What are the positive and negative effects of using technology to communicate? Chron. Retrieved from
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