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Team Case Study–KFC Team Case Study Paper on KFC This is a team assignment and

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Management homework help | 0 comments

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Team Case Study–KFC
Team Case Study Paper on KFC
This is a team assignment and students are expected to work together and synthesize their individual parts to produce one (1) paper.  Only one (1) student on each team needs to submit the paper for grading.  Each team member will receive the team’s grade. 
Refer to the file on “Conducting a Case Study” and the Case Study Rubric.  It is imperative to follow the criteria listed in the Case Study Rubric, “Conducting a Case Study” Guidelines, and the 6th edition of the APA Manual.  This assignment should be 15-20 pages excluding the title and reference pages.  The paper should contain at least one graph, figure, chart, or table.
Be sure to follow the Case Study Rubric and follow APA guidelines.
Completed in Word application, typed, double-spaced, on standard size paper with margins of one inch on all sides.
Running head and page number in upper right-hand corner with five spaces between running head and page number
Abstract should be on a separate page, with the title centered on paper followed by 75-100 word overview
Major headings centered on page; every word capitalized except articles, short prepositions, and coordinating conjunctions
**Communication of ideas and concepts presented in a comprehensible manner
References on separate (last) page, title centered one inch from top, double-spaced, and alphabetized by last name of authors. If author is unknown, alphabetize by first word of title (excluding A, An, The). References properly used in the text and on reference page.
**Provides compelling theoretical foundations, supporting arguments, evidence and examples presented in the case study
Grammar, punctuation, spacing, word choice, spelling, and format
Visuals that include a compelling chart, graph, table, figures, or map to illustrate something in the document
**Evaluate the case from a Christian point of view that expresses Christian principles or recognizes an ethical issue
**Analyze, problem solve, exercise critical thinking, and apply strategy in a global environment
Team PowerPoint Presentation–KFC
Team PowerPoint Presentation
The team is to prepare and submit a PowerPoint presentation of KFC.  The presentation should contain a minimum of 15 slides.  Each student on the team will receive a team grade.
Apply basic PPT features (includes a design theme, a title slide, and closing slide)
**Effective presentation of technology skills (includes one figure or table; uses transition; uses animation)
Readability of slides (consistency with font size and color contrast)
Formatting of slides (keyboarding, arrangement, numbering, consistent with capital letters, and follow 7 by 7 rule)
**Demonstrates leadership skills and effective teamwork

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