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Reading the following reply below, what are your thoughts? Please be sure to mee

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Reading the following reply below, what are your thoughts? Please be sure to meet the word count of 175 – 265. Absolutely no plagiarizing! This response is due 07/31/21. Thanks so much in advance. 
Prior to this course, I never knew how much went into the strategic planning process. I feel that I have gained a lot of great tools and knowledge that will be useful in my future endeavors. The LinkedIn Learning videos have helped me understand the steps to create a strong strategic planning process. I’ve learned about an ongoing prioritization process list which is important because the healthcare industry is constantly evolving and new ideas are created daily. With the constant change it will help determine which initiatives are beneficial for reaching your goal and which goals are no longer a priority. Another lesson learned is accountability, ensuring that everyone is aware of what is required from them and setting guidelines so that everyone is on the same page. It is important as a leader to hold everyone accountable for their work as well as your own. As a healthcare leader you should be aware of each person’s progress and if there are issues with timelines or not meeting expectations, guidance, coaching, or corrective action may be needed.

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