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In the nursing field, technology is a significant factor whereby when used they

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Nursing homework help | 0 comments

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In the nursing field, technology is a significant factor whereby when used they allow practitioners to improve efficiency and communicate more effectively. Although some nurses are often negative about technology citing that it takes personal interactions away from the bedside, a lot of them believe that technology positively impacts patient care when used effectively during the care process. In my practice setting, technology is primarily used in different facets of care, and it co-exists with caring. The four Watson’s Caritas Processes that I will draw from in this assignment include the following #3: Cultivating One’s Own Spiritual Practices; Deepening Self-Awareness; Going Beyond Ego-Self. #4: Developing and Sustaining a Helping/Trusting Authentic Caring Relationship. #6: Creatively Problem-Solving, ‘Solution Seeking’ Through the Caring Process. #8: Creating a Healing Environment at All Levels (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018).
In my practice setting, technology has been critical in (3) nurturing Individual Beliefs, Personal Growth, and Practices. In this sense, technology has been immense and influential for different providers in facilitating learning that influenced their personal growth as well as in their practice. Such learning helps practitioners improve their caring abilities to evidence-based status. Secondly, (4) technology has been vital in nurturing helping, trusting, and caring Relationships in the practice setting. Technology has revolutionized caring, but in many settings, it is seen as a challenge when it comes to applying it to the caring context/culture. Nurses see technology as a tool that is critical to improving patient outcomes by interpreting data and applying their experiential knowledge in the caring processes. It is done in a way that does not distance nurses from patients, which is a challenge but helps in bridging the gap and supporting effective caring. Thirdly, (6) technology helps deepen the scientific problem-solving methods for caring decision-making. It enables access to materials that facilitate the identification and application of scientific problem-solving methods positively impacting the care process. Lastly, (8) technology helps in the creation of a healing environment for the physical self which respects human dignity. For example, at the facility,
On the other hand, it is still a challenge for a lot of providers/nursing staff to balance technology and caring despite the technology being integral to the delivery of care. I will train them on how to develop a balance. The focus will be on how they can embrace technology without completely relying on it, but still maintain the human element when providing care and in staff engagement (Garcia-Dia & Joy, 2020). Besides, the training should focus on how providing effective and efficient care by incorporating technology will facilitate freeing more time for them to focus on personalized care.

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