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Does the community in which you live have a Local Emergency Planning Committee (

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Applied Sciences homework help | 0 comments

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Does the community in which you live have a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)? Share with the class what you find, whether it is a yes or no response. If there is an LEPC, what types of organizations do the members come from? If there is no LEPC, what types of organizations might the members be from if one is to form?
As you respond to your classmates, discuss who is allowed to attend their meetings. Do you think your community’s LEPC committee is effective? How so, or why not?
The community that I live in is a very small rural farming community with no industry, and we do not have a Local Emergency Planning Commitee.  On the other hand the larger communities that are about 10 miles each direction of us does have an Emergency Committee. If ever the need arises, like when our town was flooded in and isolated due to all roads being flodded, these other communities used their plans to help us out in the event that a need arose. In those surrounding community’s emergency plans they have several entities involved, like the County EMS, National Guard, local fire and rescue, the local power and gas companies, and members of the local industrial  manufaturers alliance. The plan was tested during this time and they greatly served their respective communities and provided a great amount of assistance to us in our time of need.

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