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Competency 2: Analyze talent management approaches used to build high-performanc

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Accounting homework help | 0 comments

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Competency 2: Analyze talent management approaches used to build high-performance organizations.
This reflection activity is comprised of two sections collectively totaling a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts. 
Job Search
Visit O*Net. In the search box, search for your current job, a job you know well, or a job you may aspire toward.  Answer the questions below based on the job you searched for:
What is the job title?
What are the top 5 tasks listed for that job? 
As an HR manager, which skills do you think will be in demand for this position? What would you look for in a candidate?
As someone applying for the position, what training or professional development opportunities would you consider completing to gain the necessary skills?
Job Interview
Chapter 6 describes experience-based situational interview questions in which a candidate must describe how he or she handled a specific type of situation (see Table 6.2 for examples). Imagine you received a promotion and were going to interview candidates to replace you in the role searched above.
Consider the answers to the question above and address the following:
Describe 4 experience-based situational interview questions you might ask each candidate.
Explain what would you expect to learn about the candidate from their response to each question.
Explain why it is important as the hiring manager to know what you expect to learn from these questions?
Submit your reflection.

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