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APA format 175-265 words Cite 1 peer-review reference Be constructive and profes

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Operations Management homework help | 0 comments

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APA format
175-265 words
Cite 1 peer-review reference
Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback or suggestions. 
Respond to the following   
Vonja Johnson
12:59 AM
Warren (2021), “ chaos theory seeks an understanding of simple systems that may change in a sudden, unexpected, or irregular way. Complexity theory focuses on complex systems involving numerous interacting parts, which often give rise to unexpected order” (para. 1).
When I read what both chaos and complexity are, I get an understanding that chaos and complexity differ being that chaos theory seeks to gain and understating as to why something has happened. An example would in my opinion would be if there was a plan in place on registering the traveler nurses at 3 separate times to avoid a large crowd so that the registration process run smoothly and instead all the nurses show up at once. I would try to gain an understanding as to where the error was made to ensure that the same mistake is not made the next time around. On the other hand, complexity focuses on situations that have numerous parts that interact with one another and having an understanding as to how each part as an affect on the other. An example would be to have a clear understanding of how an emergency department is ran smoothly with having a huge range of staff, patients, and the unknown being managed as if the unknown was known.
I have experienced flow when having to deal with the union. There were questions that were thrown at me while in a meeting the managers and an employee where I had to get creative with the knowledge I had regarding pervious situations I consulted on in order for the union rep not to feel they could run over me and manage the situation to there liking instead of managing the situation the proper way being for the employee and the organization.
Warren, K. (2021). Chaos theory and complexity theory. 9780199975839-e- 45#:~:text=Chaos%20theory%20seeks%20an%20understanding,give%20rise%20to%20unexpected%20order.

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