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Answer the of the following long-form question (600-2000 words) Using any 3 of t

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Answer the of the following long-form question (600-2000 words)
Using any 3 of the theories that we have covered in class, give a basic description of how those theories seek to explain or understand International Relations (IR). Here, include those theories conceptions of primary actors, what these theories think about the concept of anarchy/the international system, what power is or means to each of these theories, and what this means for our understandings of what IR is, or how it works, more generally. Name-drop at least 3 authors associated with each of the theories you select, and just a very brief (a sentence or two is sufficient for each) description of their contribution to the theory. You may include how these theories conceptualize what knowledge is, and that informs our understandings of IR.
Also, include your personal critique. What elements of these theories help you understand international relations. What elements of these theories do you find deficient or lacking? Do these theories held shed light on particular problems in international relations? What theory (it doesn’t have to be 1 of the 3 that you chose to evaluate here) do you think best illuminates the world and the problems that spark your interest, and why?
Include citations where direct references are made.

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