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1. Review the following request from a customer: We have a need to replace the a

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1. Review the following request from a customer:
We have a need to replace the aging Signage Application. This application is housed in District 4 and serves the district as well as two other districts. We would like a new application that can be used statewide to track all information related to road signs. The current system is old and doesn’t do most of what we need it to. The current system has a whole bunch of reports, but no way for the user to update them by themselves without getting IT involved. We also can’t create our own reports, on-demand, when we need to. Currently, data is entered into the application manually by Administrative Staff, but in the future, we would like to be able to take a picture of the road sign using a phone app, and have it automagically populate the database with geospatial location and other information. We thought about having a Smart Watch interface, but we don’t need that. Also, the current method does not have any way to manage the quality of the data that is entered, so there is a lot of garbage information there. There is no way to centrally manage security access, with the existing application. We want to get real time alerts when a sign gets knocked over in an accident and have a dashboard that shows where signs have been knocked over across the state. This is kind of important, but not super-critical. We need to store location information, types of signs, when a new sign is installed, who installed it, etc. We plan to provide the phone app to drivers in each district who will drive around, take pictures of the signs, and upload them to the database at the end of each day, or in realtime, if a data connection is available. Back in Central Office, reviewers will review the sign information and validate it. A report will be printed every month with the results and a map. There are probably other things, but we can’t think of anything else right now.
2. List the main goal(s) of this request
3. Write all the user stories you see (include value statements and acceptance criteria, if possible)
4. Prioritize the user stories as
a. Critical
b. Important 
c. Useful
d. Out of Scope
5. Are the user stories sufficiently detailed? If not, what steps would you take to split them/further define them?
6. What are the known Data Entities?
7. Is there an implied business process? Draw an activity diagram or a flow chart of it
8. Who are the actors/roles?
9. What questions would you ask of the stakeholders to get more information?
10. What technology should be used to implement the solution?
11. What would you do next as the assigned Business Analyst working on an Agile team?

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